Banking Law

Sarna Neudorfer has been helping clients with lending, commercial credit, bankruptcy and debt collection needs for over 30 years. An expert in the laws of credit and bankruptcy, Lazar Sarna is a university lecturer and his publications Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency in Canada (Lexis Nexis)  and Letters of Credit (Carswell) are leading resources in the field. 


Whether you are a secured or an unsecured creditor, Sarna Neudorfer can help you recover debts owing to you by instituting the appropriate procedures and obtaining the necessary judgments forcing the debtor to pay and or enabling the seizure of assets.  Sarna Neudorfer will do everything possible to obtain what is owing, whether it is to enable a secured creditor to seize and sell property pledged as security for a debt or obtaining a judgment requiring the debtor to execute his obligations. Call Sarna Neudorfer for decisive action to recover what is owing to you.  


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